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Plan Details

Helpingbucket family works on Crowdfunding system Registration is free in this family and you will only get help from this family when you first get help of Rs 2150 for a family member once in your life. It will remain in the form of help donation and due to not having any company or bank account in this family, you will be distributed to other members of this family by itself. Your donation form will be available at your back office after login on your ID portal, according to the order written in it, you will have to inform your donor by sending donors' bank neft, bank deposit, cash or paytm as soon as your donor Will accept your help. You will qualify for the next step.

The order of donation will be as follows

1) Your Sponsor - 540
2) Donor 1 - 250
3) Donor 2 - 250
4) Donor 3 - 250
5) Donor 4 - 250
6) Donor 5 - 250
7) Donor 6 - 250
8) People
Server 7 - 110

total. 2150

After sending your help, you have to add four people to your family. You can add them one by one or at the same time. As soon as you add four people to this system, you will get Rs. 2160 by reimbursement from your four direct logo at Rs. 540 and you will qualify for the third phase. From where you will get the sum of about 54 lakhs sitting directly in your bank account at 7 installments. Which you can use for any of your work.

Now you have to direct your four directors to become your member of this family.

You will receive help in accordance with your work accordingly.

1) 540x4 = 2160
Your Help 2150 Back

2) 4x4 = 16 x 250
You get 4000 help

3) 16x4 = 64 x 250
Help you Rs 16000

4) 64x4 = 256 x 250
Help you get Rs 64000

5) 256x4 = 1024 x 250
Help you Rs 256000

6) 1024x4 = 4096 x 250
Help you Rs 1024000

7) 4096x4 = 16000 x 250
Help you Rs 4096000

Total Help = 54,60,160

Even if you have only one leg, you will get around 13 lakhs of help. Now this help will get you instantaneously and the obligation to add 4 people together too has ended.
_ * Emergency Help Fund * _
This facility will be available if there are 10 thousand members in the family.
This facility will be available once a year. To get this facility, some rules have to be followed. What are those like
1) It is mandatory for the Member to get help of 2150 ₹ for taking this facility.
2) Completion of 30 days after accepting the family member.
3) If anyone wants some help in the future, then if he does not give any help, his membership will be canceled.